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What is love magick?


what is love magick?
Love magick is a form of sympathetic magick used to bind the attentions of another. While the most common form of love magick is the love potion, charms, amulets, and poppets can also be used to effect your desires.

I sometimes feel love magick would best be termed “lust magick” because it is no more than a shortcut to achieving the object of your immediate desire. Rather than take months or years to develop a relationship with another person, a simple spell can cause a superficial relationship based on attraction to spring up seemingly overnight. In practice most love spells can be effected within ninety days from start to finish.

The real problem with love magick is maintaining these relationships long-term. Fairy tales aside, no one falls in love at first sight. It's not enough to be "in-love" with someone. See them every day, even live with them for at least a year to get to know each other before taking any foolish and hasty steps. A love spell may cause the spark of love, but it's up to you to fan the fires.

Love yourself

Before even thinking about starting a relationship, the most important thing you can do is love yourself. You are worthy of love, so set up a place to affirm that simple fact on a daily basis before those Gods who can and will intercede for humans who desire love in their lives if approached properly. Petitions placed on the feast day for that God or Goddess are considered especially potent.

Love spells

A love spell is a magickal act which is a matter of belief and resolve to gain the attentions of your intended. The more you focus on your goal and believe you can do this, the more quickly you will gain your desire.

Love charms

A love charm is a small object or collection of objects, typically stored in a small bag. This can be carried yourself, or it can be something created for another person.

Love potions

A love potion is an herbal elixir, essence, or tea which can be compounded to add to the food and drink of one's intended target. It is for all practical purposes a solid, tangible love spell.

To end a relationship

When you are ready to end a relationship and move on, try one of these spells and potions:

Further reading

You might also enjoy the following book:

love charms Love Charms by Elizabeth Pepper (The Witches' Almanac Ltd, 2001): This is a small chapbook. It includes spells, seasonal rituals, and milestone rituals such as births which are focused on both love and banishment of old loves. These are interspersed with quotes about the nature of love.

These books can be difficult to find since many are out of print. Some great places to buy used books online include:

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