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Persephone's Pomegranate love spell


Persephone's Pomegranate love spell
This is a more complex spell, but quite effective when done properly. This spell uses knot magick to bind you to your future soul-mate or other half.

Note: This can be a difficult bond to break once the spell is cast. It should not be done lightly.



Firmly knot together the ends of the cords. Braid them together, then tie a series of knots until you have seven total knots in the cord.

Once complete, slowly eat the pomegranate seeds while focusing on the type of relationship you desire. Visualize your future in all its particulars. Say these or similar words:

I am ready to meet my soul-mate, and stay together forever. I bind myself to him/her for so long as we both desire it.

Carry the braided cord for one moon cycle so the spell can manifest, then keep it in a safe place once the relationship has begun.

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