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What are love charms?


what are love charms
A love charm is a small object or collection of objects, typically stored in a small bag. This makes love charms a quick and easy way to effect love magick in our daily lives.

They are simple to to carry and use. Once created, a love charm can be carried yourself, or it can be something that has been prepared for use by another person.

Tip: If it has been prepared for someone else, be sure to provide instructions for using and handling the charm.

Lucky Wishbone love charm

Lucky Wishbone love charm
If you know someone who needs more love in their life, with their permission this is something which might be helpful to them to attract the love they desire.



Save the wishbone next time you cook a whole chicken. Paint it red or gold, then place it in a small red charm bag with the other charm components. Charge it with the intent to draw love to the bearer of this charm bag.

You can use this yourself, give it to someone else, or store it until needed.

A Love Charm for Faithfulness

A Charm for Faithfulness
Worried that your lover is straying? Are you concerned that someone new may have caught his or her interest?

Don't stay up all night worrying about it. Keep the person close and revive their interest in you with this simple charm.



Place all the charm components into a small dark red charm bag. Keep the bag under your lover's side of the bed. He or she will return to their proper place in your life.

Chocolate Kiss and Make Up love charm

Chocolate Kiss and Make Up charm
Had a bad fight? Don't want the relationship to end, but don't want to talk with them just yet? Take a break for a bit to cool off, then kiss and make up with this easy charm.

What better way to kiss and make up than with a sweet chocolate kiss?



Hold both kisses in your hand, then say something like this with intent to end the argument:

Regardless of fault, we should both move past it. Let's kiss and make up with these chocolate kisses.

Give one chocolate kiss to your better half, and eat the other yourself. Seal the end of the argument with a kiss, thus ending the argument.

Cupid's Arrow voodoo love spell charm

Cupid's Arrow voodoo love spell charm
Sometimes the best way to attract love is to be direct and to the point.

When performing a love spell, this can be best accomplished with a poppet and some pins to send an "arrow" straight into the heart of your intended. What a way to get attention fast!



To make the poppet:

  1. Draw your template in the shape of a person. It doesn't have to be too complicated: head, body, two arms, two legs.
  2. Cut out the template.
  3. Stack the two pieces of fabric together. Place the template on top and trace around the template.
  4. Cut out the two pieces. You should now have two body shapes.
  5. Sew the two body shapes together, leaving a gap at the head for stuffing.
  6. Stuff the body and sew the gap closed.
  7. Sew on some facial details if you wish (eyes and mouth, at least) and stitch the heart shape into place.
  8. The doll is done and ready for the spell.

Once the poppet is complete, take your pins and focus on your intended. Stab the pin into the heart shape, saying

As Cupid's Arrow pierces your heart, think of me.

Leave the pin in place until his or her thoughts of love turn toward you.

This should take no longer than one moon cycle to complete.

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