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Create a love altar


create a love altar
Love is not just for Valentine's Day. You can perform love magick any time of the year, but for a major magickal working, it's best to have a suitable altar constructed for "when the moment is right". As with most things magickal, the fastest way to bring love into your life is to announce your intentions to the Universe in the biggest way possible: create a personal love altar.

Your love altar doesn't need to be a huge flashy space in the middle of your living room (but it wouldn't hurt if it is). Even the smallest space can be used to create a love altar that will work for your needs. Start off by looking around the house for things you associate with love and go from there. Do you have any heart-shaped artwork? Red or pink candles? A bit of rose quartz (the stone of love)? A nice heart-print piece of fabric would work nicely for an altar cloth. Try to have things in pairs to invoke the "power of two" in your impending couple-hood. Also include a photo or drawing of yourself as a focal point for your altar. This is an organic process, so don't feel you need to rush to complete the altar. Work on it a bit at a time. Add a bit, take a bit away until you are pleased with it overall.

Once you have things set up, decide if you need more. Would some essential oils such as rose or ylang-ylang appeal to you? A bit of "Come to Me" incense, perhaps? If you want to draw in a potential love with a binding spell, have some silk cording on hand for those spells. And don't forget the old stand-by of "sweets for the sweet" -- some sugar in a shallow dish on the altar.

Each day while working love magick, take a few moments at the altar to meditate on what you have created here.

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