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Hex Your Ex spells


hex your ex spells
Can’t forget about your last love when though he or she hurt you on the way out the door? Still thinking about going back to him or her, even though it's several months later? Is he or she haunting your every thought even though you need to move on?

Don’t ruin your life by revisiting the past. You deserve better than that! It’s time to banish all those thoughts of your ex through the power of a love hex. An easy breakup spell or potion may be just what you need to end it and find a new love.

Freeze your ex spell

freeze your ex spells
There is no reason to reminisce about someone who has long since left you for someone else. Once you are ready to move on from the past, hex your ex out of your life with this easy spell.



Place the black candle in front of the container of water. Light the red candle. Transfer the flame from the red candle to the black one, then extinguish the red candle’s flame in the water.

With the black marker, write your ex’s name on the paper. Place the paper into the container of water.

Put the container into your freezer, saying:

With this, I freeze your power in my life. You are banished from my love.

Leave the container there until you no longer desire your ex. At that time, dispose of the block of ice without thawing it, then cleanse the container.

Flush your ex spell

Flush Spell
Are you stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere fast? Is your lover hedging about why buy a cow when milk is so cheap?

If you are ready to move on from a dead-end relationship, use water to literally flush your soon-to-be ex out of your life. This is a very simple yet effective spell.



Take the photo and cut the photo in half so each of you is on a separate piece of the photo. Write "begone" across the half which does not contain your image, then cut that half into tiny pieces.

Flush the pieces, visualizing that person departing your life. Discard the pen in a public trash bin as soon as possible.

Place the half picturing yourself on your love altar for one moon cycle. Each day, visualize yourself moving on to a new and better relationship.

Wash Your Ex Right Out of Your Hair potion

Wash Your Ex Right Out of Your Hair potion
If some time has passed and you are still having longing thoughts, it's time rinse out those residual thoughts and prepare for a new love with this simple love hex potion.



Fill a small phial with the jojoba oil, then add the essential oils. To use, at bath time pour your usual shampoo into your hand, then add a few drops of the essential oil mixture. Repeat during each bath for five days. (Mix up more of the potion if necessary.)

Store the potion in its phial until needed.

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