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Get Your Ex Back love spell


get your ex back spell
Did you let your true love get away? Can’t stop thinking about that special someone who dumped you? Get them back with this easy love spell.

This spell will take one complete lunar cycle to complete, but if you miss the person that much, it’s oh so worth it when it works.



Arrange the candles in this manner: to the left, one pillar candle plus photo of your ex; to the right, one pillar candle plus photo of yourself; in the center, the votive candle plus photo of both of you.

Each evening for one lunar cycle (one month), anoint each pillar candle with one drop of cinnamon oil. Light each candle, then move them (a bit each day) more toward the votive candle in the center while chanting:

Return to me, return to me.

On the last day of the spell, the pillar candles should be touching the votive candle. After lighting them, tip them simultaneously to the votive to light its wick. This will re-kindle the flame with your ex. The spell is complete.

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