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Flaming Flamingos love spell


flaming flamingos spell
If you are at all into lawn art, you probably have a pair of pink flamingos already. You will of course have noticed that you will never see just one lawn flamingo off by its lonesome. They always come in pairs.

What better way to express your desire to have your soul-mate at your side forever than with a pair of lawn flamingos? As a bonus, the shape formed by two flamingos with their heads together forms a heart -- perfect for love magick!



Set up your lawn flamingos in a prominent place outside your house. Position them so they are facing each other to form their "heart shape" head configuration.

Once set up, take a length of red ribbon. Tie one end to each flamingo.

Hold your hands over each flamingo in turn, and say:

As with my desire for love, I bind you to each other. Draw love's flame to me.

Repeat each evening for one moon cycle.


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