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Cupid's Arrow love charm


Cupid's Arrow voodoo love spell charm
Sometimes the best way to attract love is to be direct and to the point.

When performing a love spell, this can be best accomplished with a poppet and some pins to send an "arrow" straight into the heart of your intended. What a way to get attention fast!



To make the poppet

  1. Draw your template in the shape of a person. It doesn't have to be too complicated: head, body, two arms, two legs.
  2. Cut out the template.
  3. Stack the two pieces of fabric together. Place the template on top and trace around the template.
  4. Cut out the two pieces. You should now have two body shapes.
  5. Sew the two body shapes together, leaving a gap at the head for stuffing.
  6. Stuff the body and sew the gap closed.
  7. Sew on some facial details if you wish (eyes and mouth, at least) and stitch the heart shape into place.
  8. The doll is done and ready for the spell.

Once the poppet is complete, take your pins and focus on your intended. Stab the pin into the heart shape, saying

As Cupid's Arrow pierces your heart, think of me.

Leave the pin in place until his or her thoughts of love turn toward you.

This should take no longer than one moon cycle to complete.

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